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Connecticut Appellate Court Affirms Verdict In Favor Of Ski Sundown

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Monday, the Connecticut Appellate Court affirmed a big win for the ski industry. In a decision authored by Judge Espinosa, the Appellate Court upheld a jury verdict in favor of Ski Sundown, Inc., located in New Hartford, CT, in a case brought by James Malaguit, who was rendered quadriplegic in a 2006 ski accident. In October 2010, a jury unanimously found that Malaguit was responsible for his own injuries and that Ski Sundown was not negligent. Malaguit took the case to the Appellate Court where he argued that the jury was given flawed instructions. The Court, however, upheld the original verdict. Through the litigation, Ski Sundown was represented by GL attorneys Mark Seiger, Charles Gfeller and Elizabeth Ahlstrand. In a statement to Ski Area Magazine yesterday, Gfeller aptly stated the firm’s thoughts on the Appellate Court’s decision: “We were confident that the Appellate Court would affirm the jury’s unanimous verdict in this case, which it has now done” and “we are hopeful that the case will finally end here so that James and his family, as well as Ski Sundown, Inc., may move on from this tragedy.”