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Gfeller Laurie LLP’s attorneys are recognized leaders in sports and recreational law and are regularly invited to present to various industry groups, trade associations and other organizations throughout the world on cutting edge issues. Our attorneys are both nationally and internationally respected for their ability to develop innovative and effective strategies to effectively recognize and manage the risks associated with sports and recreational facilities and products, and to litigate whenever and wherever necessary.


Our Sports & Recreation attorneys engage in a unique, international practice, representing sports and recreational facilities throughout the United States and the Caribbean. We represent, or have represented, a large variety of recreational facilities and operators, including, among others, ski areas (winter and summer operations), ice arenas, parasail operators, jet ski operators, rock climbing facilities, zip line operators, gyms, equine facilities (including internationally known race tracks), auto race tracks, bike parks, scholastic/college/university operated sports and recreational facilities, camps, fairs, festivals, carnivals, and water parks. We help our clients manage the inherent risks that naturally flow from the activities they host and aggressively defend them when they are sued. We have successfully tried numerous sports and recreational facilities cases in various states, effectively using litigation as a risk management tool for our clients.

We serve as national counsel for several specialized insurance programs catering to the sports and recreational industry.


Whether dealing with product development issues, manufacturing concerns, dealer agreements, distribution problems, risk management counseling, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, Consumer Product Safety Commission reporting, or other areas of significant industry concern, we work with our clients to develop winning solutions.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in dealing with cutting edge issues that impact sports and recreational product manufacturers, we have the ability to partner with our clients to develop innovative strategies to resolve their issues. We have litigated significant cases, effectively lobbied legislatures to enact critical legislation, and worked closely with various governmental agencies to resolve client issues. Our attorneys understand the importance of knowing your business and working together at solving your problems.

Our attorneys have served as national counsel for various product manufacturers. We have assisted with the introduction of many new products into the marketplace. This has included product development documentation, instruction manuals, warnings, and creation of various collateral materials. We have extensive experience with governmental investigations, representation before both the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Product Safety Commission, and have successfully litigated numerous cases in various states. We are regularly called upon to litigate catastrophic injury cases around the United States. In addition to successfully litigating cases to conclusion, we also recognize the importance of resolving some cases before becoming entrenched in trial. To this end, we appreciate the need to properly utilize alternative dispute resolution.

At Gfeller Laurie LLP, we have experience with numerous products. Some of those products include: exercise equipment, bicycles, ice skates, helmets, skis, short skis, cross-country skis, snowboards, ski bindings, snowboard bindings, golf clubs, racquetball racquets, bicycle suspension systems, goggles, ATVs, jet skis, motorcycles, SCUBA equipment, amusement park rides, water-ski equipment, and rock-climbing equipment.

Whether your needs entail risk management counseling, administrative proceedings, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, contract negotiation and drafting (manufacturing agreements/dealer agreements/distribution agreements), or licensing issues, we know and appreciate your business and will work with you to develop winning solutions.

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