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Gfeller Laurie LLP is a boutique law firm providing legal services to businesses across a broad range of practices and industries. Our firm has two principal core values: results and culture. Stated simply, this means our focus is on achieving identified goals with unparalleled client service in a culture that is equal parts rewarding and enjoyable. Click here to learn more.

Our Advantage


Our firm is uniquely positioned to advise businesses and represent clients in litigation in a variety of jurisdictions at the regional, national and international levels. Our team is comprised of well-respected and experienced litigators, many of whom come from large multinational law firms. We are capable of effectively representing the interests of clients in complex disputes that require specialized knowledge and experience. Our firm depth and experience enable us to handle large multi-party litigations, yet our flexible platform allows for consistent representation in smaller-value litigation in the same jurisdictions.


Our boutique nature is what sets us apart from our competitors and empowers us to fulfill our longstanding commitment to providing industry-leading legal service at flexible rates. As a boutique litigation firm, we have significantly lower overhead costs than our Big Law competitors. Our attorneys are less concerned with billable hour requirements and more invested in helping clients achieve favorable results as efficiently as possible. This approach enables us to provide high-quality legal services at reasonable rates and frees up our legal team to develop creative, tailored solutions.


We do not believe in a hierarchy for the sake of tradition. Unlike many of our competitors, we are organized into a flatter, more agile structure. We staff projects with a team of attorneys who can capably handle a legal matter from start to finish, ensuring continuity throughout the case. Continuity is important to us; it makes us more efficient and enables our attorneys to develop a deeper understanding of our clients’ businesses. We form collaborative partnerships with clients, allowing us to know their business goals and to act decisively to help them reach solutions that meet their expectations.