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Connecticut Legislation Update

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The Regular Session of the Connecticut Legislature is set to adjourn on June 3, 2015. During this Session, the Legislature introduced four noteworthy insurance-related bills.  Of these four bills introduced in January, two progressed out of committee.

The first, H.B. No. 5195, tiled “An Act Requiring Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage to Be Optional and Repealing the Prohibition on Subrogation of Underinsured Motorist Claims” passed through the Insurance & Real Estate Committee of the General assembly. However, H.B. No. 5195, was Held by the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee. This action effectively prevents the bill from reaching the floor for a vote and becoming law.

The second, H.B. No. 5064, titled “An Act Concerning Hurricane Deductibles for Homeowners Insurance Policies” was approved by the Joint Committee on Insurance and Real Estate and the Legislative Commissioners’ Office. On April 2, 2015, H.B. No. 5064, was calendared and will appear on the General Assembly’s calendar before the end of this session for a vote. 

No further action has been taken on S.B. No. 22, titled “An Act Concerning the Electronic Posting of Certain Documents by Insurers,” or S.B. No. 13, titled “An Act Concerning Restrictions on Insurers for Adverse Weather-Related Events.”