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Mark Shifton and Gary Strong to speak at CLM & Business Insurance Construction Conference


Mark D. Shifton and Gary Strong will be presenting separate programs at the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance’s Business and Insurance Construction Conference in San Diego, California, from October 9-11, 2017. Mark’s program, entitled Managing and Defending Catastrophic Claims in the Face of Adverse Media Exposure, will discuss how defense counsel can successfully work with and leverage the media when representing corporate clients facing adverse publicity and the role of defense counsel in heading off such crises before they develop. Gary’s program, entitled 50 State Survey of the Applicability of Statutes of Repose to Indemnity and Contribution Claims in Construction Cases, will discuss the various issues relating to the effect of statutes of repose upon claims for indemnity and contribution, and the subtle variations in those issues from state-to-state.

To register, or to learn more about the CLM’s Business and Insurance Construction Conference, click here.