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Catastrophic Construction Accidents

Our construction attorneys routinely represent owners, contractors, and design professionals in catastrophic construction accident cases, in many jurisdictions, from pre-suit through appeal. With a strong network of investigators and experts at our disposal, we are often asked to serve as part of a client’s “rapid response” team following a catastrophic construction accident.

Even “routine” construction accident cases often involve unique variables that can drastically increase the value of a construction accident claim. Catastrophic construction accident cases, in particular, are often accompanied by significant damages claims, including claims of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS). These claims, which are often easy to assert and difficult to objectively disprove, can drastically increase the verdict value of a catastrophic construction accident claim.

We always explore all available opportunities for risk transfer. In jurisdictions such as New York, in particular, where vicarious liability for a construction accident is common, transferring our clients’ risks to other parties, where able, is a crucial component of our defense strategy.

Many catastrophic construction accident cases can be defended by the judicious use of specialized experts, such as biomechanical engineers, neuropsychologists, and pain management specialists. Our construction attorneys draw upon a wide network of effective and respected experts to defend such cases. Even in cases where liability is clear, our aggressive defense often results in significantly lower settlements.

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