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We handle litigation and disputes for a wide range of clients in the sports and recreation industry both locally and throughout the United States. Our attorneys represent and/or have represented numerous ski areas and resorts (locally, regionally, and nationally), ice arenas, National Hockey League teams and facilities, stadium concessionaires, zip line operators, marine-based recreational operators, fitness centers, equine facilities and race tracks, schools, colleges and universities, fairs, festivals, and carnivals, other recreational facilities, and manufacturers of recreational products, providing both risk management and litigation services on matters locally and throughout the United States.

Our team is committed to providing comprehensive representation promoting the interests of our sports and recreation industry clients. The same group of attorneys assist clients with both risk management and litigation matters. This service cohesion enables us to provide continuous legal representation for our clients, from drafting contracts and implementing procedures to minimize the risk of liability, to ultimately defending litigation. This unique approach and relationship with many of our clients often enables us to play a hand in litigation that we actually dealt, meaning that the client materials we use to defend litigation are often documents that we originally drafted for this very purpose.

Our attorneys often work from the outset of a claim, even prior to the inception of actual litigation, to minimize the likelihood of protracted litigation, maximizing time and cost efficiencies while reducing the client’s risk exposure. In the event the matter escalates to litigation, we aggressively defend the matter armed with in-depth knowledge of, and experience with, the particular industry, client goals, and the liability issues that are central to the dispute.

Our legal team is deeply committed to client-focused service. We engage clients as collaborative partners which helps us gain crucial insight into their business and the unique contours of their disputes. We leverage that deep insight to take decisive action to further a client’s business goals and objectives.

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