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Program Counseling and Oversight

Few sports and recreation legal practices in the country have the breadth and depth of experience that our attorneys possess in complex matters within the sports and recreational industry. We utilize this experience in our work with insurance companies, managing general agents, brokers, Lloyd’s cover holders, and Lloyd’s syndicates to help oversee and operate various sports and recreational insurance programs.

Comprehensive program counseling and oversight services are necessary to help our clients develop and maintain profitable sports and recreation insurance programs. Our attorneys often serve as program counsel, working with underwriters and claims teams to monitor claims, trends and conduct top-to-bottom risk assessments of their insureds’ activities. This comprehensive approach enables us to proactively identify liability issues and resolve them in a manner that is satisfactory for all stakeholders. We guide clients through every stage of program development and management. We continuously evaluate program-wide issues, such as risk management concerns and loss trends, and are committed to responsive representation. When we identify claim or loss trends, we immediately react by implementing any necessary changes to the program application process, underwriting process, or on-site operational risk management in order to prevent similar, future losses.

Though our experience speaks for itself, we take special pride in our agile and innovative approach. We strive to find creative and cost-effective solutions that advance the interests of our clients and minimize risk and cost. We monitor claims to identify trends in a given program and determine whether problems exist that must be addressed at a program-wide level. This proactive approach to program counseling and oversight helps our clients stay ahead of the curve and avoid an overabundance of claims that could disrupt their business model and damage their position in the market.

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