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Risk Management

The attorneys in our Sports and Recreation Practice litigate complex disputes and provide cutting-edge risk management counsel to clients throughout the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. We represent a broad spectrum of clients in the sports and recreational industry, including resorts, sports and recreational facility operators, professional sports teams, stadium concessionaires, marine-based recreational operators, schools, colleges, universities, insurers, and product manufacturers. We analyze our clients’ operations to identify the inherent, operational, and environmental risks of their commercial activities. We then make recommendations that translate our analysis into action to comprehensively minimize liability risks and reduce exposure.

Implementing a sound risk management strategy begins with a thorough understanding of the unique circumstances, goals and needs of the client. Every client is different, and our recommendations vary but may include drafting well-crafted agreements and policies relating to the client’s programs, assessing hazards associated with the routine operation of their business, drafting documents that educate customers on inherent risks, and implementing forward-thinking risk management strategies.

Many activities, sports or otherwise, involve inherent risk. A comprehensive risk management approach is critically important to the operation of a successful sports and recreational business. We understand that proper risk management is necessary for minimizing potential liabilities and associated costs. However, when an accident occurs or a claim is filed, we utilize dispute resolution methods and/or aggressively defend our clients’ interests in litigation.

Through an agile approach and client-first orientation, our attorneys commit significant resources to deepening our engagement with clients. Our attorneys develop key insights, enabling them to provide a tailored risk management strategy.

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